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  • ▪For the event of "Enmusubi Furin" at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine we operate our CO-EDO Loop Bus additionaly after our regular timetable finished. The period is between July 7th until September 9th. Please click here to open special timetable. (PDF)≫pdf
  • About CO-EDO Loop Bus

     The CO-EDO Loop Bus will take you to the sightseeing spots in Kawagoe such as Kita-in Temple, Kura no machi and Kashiya Yokocho from/to the west exit of Kawagoe Station.

    Each bus stop is located within just a one minute walk from the sightseeing spot. Our vintage front cab buses match with Kawagoe's historical streets and are popular with both tourists and locals.Show your “CO-EDO Loop Bus Daily Pass” to receive a discount or free gift at CO-EDO Partner Shops.

    English and Chinese stop announcements are available in the bus. Please enjoy riding in comfort with Eagle Bus when you visit Kawagoe.



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